We know that you were very health-conscious during your pre-pregnancy days. Eating in balance and not having processed food was in your health regime.  Now that you are pregnant, there are chances that you will gain some weight. Well! Having said that, you are sure to eat in balance for your health as well as for the health and development of the life you are nurturing inside. Moreover, while you are nurturing your life inside you. You may require some extra calories, however, you wouldn’t need to ‘eat for two”. 

Why then, do you gain weight during your pregnancy? Read on to find out:

What Are the Reasons For Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, eating healthy is essential. It is far more important for you to understand that you gain healthy weight. In this case, your genes, metabolism, and activity level should be the factors. Consult your nutritionist and healthcare provider to ensure that you keep your weight within the recommended limits. Well! Pregnancy weight gain should be distributed properly:

First Trimester Weight Gain

Since the tiny one inside you is too tiny at this stage of your pregnancy, you need to consume 1 to 2 kg of your nutrition. This calorie is enough for your foetal development at this stage. However, if you are somehow suffering from morning sickness, there are chances that you may not gain any weight. Well! Losing weight during the early stage of pregnancy is also normal. You can compensate for it when you move on to your 2nd trimester. 

Second Trimester Weight Gain

As you proceed with your pregnancy and enter the second stage of your pregnancy, the fog of morning sickness is slowly fading out. This is the time when you need more energy, thus making your weight gain more important. Well! You need to include 3 kgs per month.

Third Trimester Weight Gain

In the last stage of your pregnancy, there are chances that you might shed some of the calories that you gained previously. However, consulting your healthcare provider in the ninth month, your weight gain should be stable. You need around 2 kgs every month.

So, basically, here’s how your weight is distributed, while your baby is in the growing stage:

  • Your baby’s weight: 3.4 kg
  • The weight of the placenta: 0.68 kg 
  • The weight of fluid volume: 1.80 kg
  • The uterine weight: 0.90 kg 
  • The weight of the breast tissue: 0.90 kg
  • The weight of the increased blood volume: 1.80 kg 
  • The weight of the fat, protein as well as nutrients that are stored: 3 kg 
  • The weight of the amniotic fluid: 0.90 kg 
  • The total weight gain: 13 kg

What Are the Tips to Gain a Healthy Weight During Pregnancy?

Having said all the above, it would not be an easy task to maintain an optimum weight while you are pregnant, however, some of the well-meaning advisors would give you some unforgettable tips for your weight gain during pregnancy:

  • Enjoy a balanced diet as per your doctor’s advise 
  • Try to eat in small amounts. But keep in mind that, you need to include all the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Also, make sure don’t put on more weight. As both overweight and underweight may impact your pregnancy.
  • There is no doubt that you will have pregnancy cravings. Try to avoid processed or oily food, as well as unhealthy sweet cravings
  • Have healthy carbs 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Stay active – Go brisk walking 
  • Talk to your doctor about your weight gain 

Healthy pregnancy weight gain is essential for you and your little one inside you to keep complications like preeclampsia, diabetes, and blood pressure at bay.